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Books, magazines, flyers, blogs, kids reports we are all reading something. Are you making sure what you spend your time on is worth it? I love to read but rarely find the time. I generaly find myself waking up so I can turn off the light. Which is why I also love auido books! I spend 1 hour a day driving to and from work and this is a great way to get through books. This of course brings up the debate on paper or electronic. Either way for me, just let me have it!

Current books I am working through:Redeeming-the-Time-A-Practical-Guide-to-a-Christian-Mans-Time-Management-1160

Redeeming The Time ~ A Practical Guide to a Christian Man’s Time Management

Bible :005040119
Acts ~ HCSB Version. Nightly devotion with the family.

You know that you want to say it....