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Outdoor Fun

  • The real thing is scary!

    The real thing is scary!

    Yet there was one place in Georgia that was not happy to see the real thing.

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  • Pork On The Run

    Pork On The Run

    Now to catch a greased pig is much harder than it sounds. The next time that you are sitting around the house with nothing else to do, take some crisco and slather it on your neighbors cat and then run at the cat while screaming and try to catch the fleeing feline.

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  • Got The Time?

    Got The Time?

    Hey guys, got the time? I have been camping and geocaching the past few days and had a blast with my family and friends. There are few things that can compare with camping, cooking, caching and camaraderie. (That was quite an alluring alliteration, and again another!)20131021-161104.jpgAnyway, once I got home and dried out from the rain and romping through the woods I stopped for a bit and just thought about the past four days. I asked myself why I had not done this more?

    Dads do you got the time? Are you spending time with your family and friends? There needs to be a balance in doing this, but it is needed. The family that we went camping with is so similar to our own that it can be a bit strange at times. However, in these people, we have found great trust, friendship and some awesome comic relief as the night waxed on. Continue reading

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  • The Sands of Time

    The Sands of Time

    What is going on guys? I am attempting to enjoy a time away from everything with the family this week. We are on Anna Maria Island in Florida for a vacation! After an eight hour drive from my busy part of the world, we arrived with a tired driver and three well rested kids and passenger. We arrived to our rental house only to find that we could not get in just yet. The home rental company had not sent over their inspection team to verify that the last tenant had left the premises in good condition. We would be allowed in around 4:00 which was another five hours away! This leaves us with a few options to consider before we have to take the inevitable trip to the beach. I have been driving since 3:00 am, that puts me getting up at 2:15 am and the current time was 11:00. Breakfast consisted of a muffin that my dear wife made the night before so that she and I were able to stay on our Trim Healthy Mama plan. The muffin was good, however was way past keeping me full. So the good ol’ standby for anytime eating was close and available Subway! Continue reading

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  • We Camped

    We Camped

    We setup, we ate and we camped! In preparation of the upcoming Geocaching Mega Event at Roosevelt State Park, the kids and I wanted to make sure that everything was […]

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  • Camping Tonight!!

    Camping Tonight!!

    Tonight I am letting my boys step up and become the camp site makers, fire starters and become the person that takes care of anything else needed for camping. Because we are camping tonight!![

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  • Time WITH the Family

    Time WITH the Family

    Men, have you ever had so much going on in life that your were not with the people you were with? Yeah, you may want to re-read that last sentence. […]

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  • Geocaching

    Geocaching is a Global Positioning Satellite(G.P.S.) treasure hunt. By going to the previous link, you will be redirected to the Geocaching site. There you can sign up for a free […]

  • Geocaching and A Godly Woman

    After a wonderful night’s sleep at the Ho-Jo we all awoke in preparation for a continental breakfast. Mind you, this is not what this husband is used to! I guess […]

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