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Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys

Looking for some great Christmas ideas for boys? I have asked my two boys to sit down and come up with a list of a few things that they would want for Christmas this year. Now mind you this is from two boys of almost 10 and 11.

Getting ready for those war games outside this winter? What better way to be fully camouflaged then to have the 3-Color GI Face Paint!

3-Color GI Face Paint – $5.50

You’ve got a mission that requires your unseen scampering through the backyard brush. And if this face paint is good enough for our boys overseas (which it is, by the way) it’s good enough to get you through the dangers of the neighborhood.

Getting ready to head out to do some hunting or more war games? Then you will need some insulated bib overalls!
3 in 1 Waterproof Parka – $109.50

from: JM Cremp’s Adventure Store for Boys

Or maybe your boys are looking to make their own weapons and traps. If they are into a bit of history and hunting, then this is your next item for any young man.

Making Native American Hunting, Fighting, and Survival Tools – $16.50

A valuable reference for these ancient arts, Making Native American Hunting, Fighting, and Survival Tool takes you through the stips of the basic flint-knapping of arrowheads and scrapers to the most complex decorating and finishing techniques of painting and fletching. Also included are chapters on materials, tools and the workplace.

Along with information on the history of each implement, the construction directions also cover: digging tools, knives, hide scrapers, baskets, fish traps, slings, tomahawks, darts and more.

Monte Burch
Paperback, 272 pgs

Once they complete reading on how to set up the traps and make their own weapons, they will be out in the woods using their own multi-purpose tool instead of loosing yours!

5-in-1 Multi Purpose Tool Set – $17.50

A multi-purpose tool is always handy to have. This one has lots of different functions, even a tent-stake puller. Made of durable heavy steel and comes with its own nylon carrying case.

Now this is something that we purchased last year for one of my sons that he loves. Ethan has taken after his dad in his love for Geocaching! So we got the geomate Jr. for him.

Geomate Jr – $69.50

from: JM Cremp’s Adventure Store for Boys

Now every dad out there uses this next item in nearly every project. So why not let the boys have their own?

Camouflage Duct Tape – $5.50

from: JM Cremp’s Adventure Store for Boys

At this age, I felt rather comfortable in getting the boys their own knifes. This was a huge stage in their life as it showed the trust, confidence and responsibility I was placing in them.
Swiss Army Fisherman Knife -Red

from: JM Cremp’s Adventure Store for Boys

Another great gift that we have purchased is the 2 way radio. This has come in handy on more than one occasion! The best one was when they boys were picking blackberries and was surrounded by cows and needed some assistance. One quick call back to the house, and help was on the way.

Talkabout 2-way Radios, Yellow – $59.50

from: JM Cremp’s Adventure Store for Boys

Another great gift that has been used recently is a LED headlamp. When camping there is nothing else that is needed more than a flashlight for boys! They want to explore the limits of the camp and even further at night. This gift makes it easy for them to go and not be slowed down by holding onto or keeping up with a light.
Gizmo LED Headlamp – $19.25

from: JM Cremp’s Adventure Store for Boys

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